30 July 2018

Today we explore a very difficult mathematical equation.

It's a feat of science; understood only by those who deeply study the theory. Yet, here we try to unravel the complexities of the concept of SALE.

Simply, a SALE is the discounting of a product or service.

However in application, the theory of SALE is that when an item is purchased on sale, one is actually saving money and therefore, once can buy even more items than intended in said sale.

Now that we've been through the difficult complexities, we've made life easy for you by curating the best of sale.

Birds of a feather stick to leather

We never want to buy the type of leather starting with a P, and we just don't have to with this collection of the real deal...

What's up homies

With the recent blood moon bringing spiritual change...or something... it's time to make sure the energy at home is, um, well aligned?! Really, any excuse for new homewares is good enough for us.


And the mathematical conclusion we come to regarding sale? They do not last forever, so get in quick and treat yo'self.